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Welcome to our website!!!

We are a billing service ONLY for Mental Health Professionals.

What is your biggest private practice frustration????? 

  • Are you or your staff wasting time on the phone waiting for insurance companies to give you benefits, let alone asking them, "why have you not paid that claim?
  • or is it keeping track of client balances
  • or figuring out what portion they are responsible for?
  • are you tired of waiting for answers?
  • are you tired of not being paid?

               Let us be your billing super hero's!!!! We will save your day, and keep you organized and up to date with your billing. Our friendly staff is here to help.

Medox can help resolve your billing issues & get your cash flowing much faster! In business, time is money, and every dollar counts. Billing requires alot of hard work, time, & daily dedication. There are so many insurance rules & regulations that constantly are revised by insurance companies. It is not worth your time to figure out all the idiosyncracies of the insurance industry.         

We ONLY handle mental health billing. That means we can offer you greater quality billing for your clients than a general billing service. Some general billing services have over 20 specialties; they cannot give you the time & attention that we can! We want to be soley dedicated to you!!

Our service will pay for itself over and over again. We check patient benefits, bill claims same day/next day and follow up with your patients and insurance companies that don't pay! (see Tab on left "Services" for a description of why we are a full-service billing service)

Our Commitments to You as a Provider & Your Clients:

  • Increase your cash flow
  • Keep your practice organized
  • Provide customer service to your patients
  • Help you analyze which insurance carriers are good payors
  • Reduce your time on the phone regarding billing concerns
  • Reduce your stress levels and ease your workday
  • Avoid costly coding/billing errors

No matter the size of your practice, we will offer the same great customer service. We are a national billing service. It does not matter where your practice is located we can keep your practice organized by communicating through fax, email, phone or text messaging!

Medox Billing Systems

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