Medox Billing Systems

Mental Health Billing Specialists

Medox Billing Systems is a full service billing company for mental health providers committed to meeting provider needs.

Our Services

We know companies brag about being the best;

please review our full service list so you can judge for yourself:

Insurance Benefit Inquiries: We check patient eligibility, obtain effective dates of insurance coverage, authorization information, deductible, copay/co-insurance amounts, maximum number of sessions per year allowed, & the proper claims mailing address. In addition to checking benefits we see how much of the deductible has been met (which is CRUCIAL for you to know how much MORE you should be collecting upfront!). **we then send you a fax or email of what to collect from your client for each type of service (i.e. assessments, individual, family, group therapy sessions, etc.)

Electronic Billing: We use the well-respected software, Emdeon to submit electronic claims. Turn around is usually about 2-3 weeks for you to receive money from insurance companies!  

Patient Billing: Balances due from your patients if not collected at the time of service are billed once a month.

Insurance & patient follow up calls: If we do not hear from an insurance company after 30 days we call the insurance carrier to find out the status. If there are problems we resolve them as quickly as possible. For patients that do not pay we place calls at your discretion and give them gentle or firm reminders. 

Monthly Reports: We provide you monthly reports that detail every session you facilitated that month for amounts collected from insurance and patients. Your Aging Report (a report which details every penny outstanding from your patients & insurance companies) is very helpful for your next visit with that patient so you can then collect these outstanding balances!

Insurance Contracting: This is a separate service we provide if you desire to join new insurance panels. Since most packets are at least 75 pages of forms, documentation, etc. Medox charges $150.00 per application.

You do not have to be a current client to have us do your insurance contracts.

Customer Service: We pride ourselves in great customer service. You and your patients can contact your billing specialist through phone or email. Our commitment is to answer & begin working on your concern WITHIN ONE BUSINESS DAY!

We offer all of these services in one low rate package!

We are so much more than a general billing service. Many billing services just focus on getting claims out. In our decade of experience we know you must follow up with insurance companies regarding claims that are not getting paid and to be persistent with clients that are not paying!