A Personal Statement From Lori Newman, founder of Medox Billing Systems:

I founded Medox in 2001 with a goal of specializing in mental health.

This desire to help people and work really hard comes from rural roots and family in north-central Illinois.  My mother and father come from 4  generations of hard working land owning farmers here in Illinois.  My father says our ancestors in what was then called Prussia (Germany), worked and owned land for perhaps hundreds of years!  So early on I was taught how to be a business owner and to work hard by watching my father work on the farm 12 or more hours a day,  six days a week.  What an inspiration!!
My professional stepping stones in life led me to create Medox Billing Systems in 2001.  From my drive to help people and explore various regions of our beautiful country,  I worked for the airlines after completing high school.   I quickly realized that it was not for me since my family was my highest priority.  I later worked for Courtyard by Marriott in Rockford, IL which I really enjoyed for the first time working in an office setting and as you know Marriott is very devoted to customer service.  It was there I learned I really enjoyed working with people, and good customer service feels great!  
Later I worked for Swedish American Hospital as a supervisor for the receptionists.  This role as a supervisor inspired me to finish my degree in business in 1996.  I knew I wanted to climb the ladder.  I then accepted a management postion at Sherman Health Systems, working at the Barrington, IL location.  After my oldest son was born the hour and a half drive was too much and I got transferred to a Sherman location closer to home doing billing.  It was there I learned billing and became very passionate that this was what I wanted to do the rest of my life.  I had the most amazing mentor there that taught me all the ins and outs of insurance.  She also had a bililng service on the side, eventually she gave me her psych cases and that is how I started my own company!!   I will always be greatful for her, she has taught me so much.  Along the way I got my certificate for a CPC (Certified Professional Coder) from Elgin Community College.  I also served on the Elgin Chapter for Certified Professional Coders for one year as a compliance officer.

In 2011, I married Paul Newman, LCSW who had a private practice in Tinley Park IL. (He hired me in 2006 to do his billing). Having said that, we were a great fit, he was a great therapist, and I took care of the business end of things. Sadly, in December of 2011 he was killed in an auto accident. For about 5 years after the death, I did not market and needed a little time to mend. He will always be remembered and an inspiration to me. His famous quote" Life's too short, appreciate someone and something each and everyday." I've taken that to heart now, and I am going to live by that quote personally and professionally for the rest of my life.   

In late 2016, I hired an office manager, Phil Watson, and began marketing again.  In 2017, I have added an office in Indianapolis, IN. My primary focus is to help people with all my knowledge and expertise, I know for certain I am an asset to my employees and my clients and really everyone I come into contact with. I'm very competent and dependable with all I've done in my lifetime. I've been in the billing industry for 21 years and have owned my company for 16 years.


Please feel free to contact me by going to the Contact Us section in this email and I will be glad to answer any questions you may have, or you may email me direct at lorinewman@medoxbilling.com.
I am sure my company can help you make great progress!!
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